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About cloudpeak

We bring your cloud projects to the top.

Our mission

cloudpeak is the platform for freelance cloud experts and companies with the aim to connect companies with the most qualified cloud experts - fast, simple, flexible and safe.

The digital transformation of the economy is in full swing. The digital transformation is moving forward and companies are under pressure to make their processes "future-proof". Digital transformation also means that companies have to react faster and more flexible regarding upcoming challenges. A company's IT must adapt to business requirements and at the same time meet the highest security requirements. Therefore, most companies are no longer concerned with the question of whether they should use cloud computing, but rather how. And although the cloud has all the technical options for flexible and scalable solutions, companies often cannot exploit this potential. Often, there is a lack of the necessary knowledge and expertise to implement cloud projects promptly.


Whether private, public or hybrid clouds - we support companies in gaining access to external cloud expertise in order to advise you but support you in the planning and implementation of your cloud projects. Freelancers, as well as companies, can focus 100 percent on their day-to-day business and we take on all relevant administrative tasks and are always available to provide support if you have any questions.


cloudpeak was founded in 2022. The company's headquarters is in Berlin, Germany.

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